How do I update WP Courseware to the latest version?

There are three ways to update WP Courseware:

The first way is to navigate to the PluginsInstalled Plugins page, find WP Courseware and click the Update Now. If you don't see an update URL, you will need navigate to WP CoursewareSettings and click the License tab. Ensure that your license information is up to date and activated. At that point, you should be able to update from the plugins area.

The second place you can find the update available is by navigating to DashboardUpdates. Simply tick the box next to WP Courseware and click Update Plugins.

Finally, you can update WP Courseware by deactivating and deleting the plugin from within your Installed Plugins panel and then uploading and activating the most recent version of the plugin. You won't lose any saved data by doing this as all course content and student-related data and progress are stored in your WordPress database separate from the plugin files. You can download the current version of WP Courseware at any time by logging into our Member Portal and then clicking on the Downloads tab.

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