How often do you update WP Courseware?

We don't adhere to a strict development release cycle, however, on average an update to WP Courseware will be pushed out every 30 days. Some of these releases include major functionality additions or updates, while some are reserved for minor tweaks or reported bug issues. Generally, when one or two new features are introduced, the plugin version will increment as version X.New_Version.0. Releases including minor tweaks or bug fixes will increment as X.X.New_Version. Major feature additions and overhauls would increment as New_Version.0.0.

If you come across a bug while working with WP Courseware, we would be extremely grateful if you would report it by logging into our Member Portal and navigating to the Support tab. While bugs which affect a significant number of our customers are rare, we always keep a current log of reported issues and any bugs become the first priority of our development team for the next WP Courseware release.

If you have an idea for a new feature, we would also encourage you to submit that using the method mentioned above. We maintain a long-term development roadmap for WP Courseware and log every feature request that we receive. If we've already received your feature request from another WP Courseware user, we tally votes for that feature so that we can also prioritize our development path.

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