Do I have to use a membership plugin to handle registration?

WP Courseware has the capability to handle user registration to enroll students. Also, courses can be sold as one time payment or recurring subscription. WP Courseware handles the login, registration and purchase forms. There is even an account page that you can redirect users to upon login.

However if you are looking for a solution to handle any of the following functionality we do recommend a membership plugin:

  • Course bundling
  • Pay Per Post
  • Protecting content other than your course
If you are just looking for simple user registration, then we recommend Theme My Login to assist you with a pretty login, registration, and password retrieval form. It will also perform redirects so that you can redirect your subscribers to a certain page upon login. Since WP Courseware has it's own built in security mechanism, you will never have to worry about a student or non-student viewing a course that they are not enrolled in.

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