How to use the grade book

The grade book is a great feature if you are using quizzes with your students. In order to view a grade book, the course must contain at least one quiz.

The grade book can be used as a birds eye view for your entire class. From the grade book page you can:

  1. View overall progress for a student.
  2. View the cumulative grade for the student.
  3. Determine if the final grade notification has been sent to a student.
  4. View the course completion date for the student.
  5. View certificate for student (if certificates are enabled).
  6. View quiz grades for each individual quiz. Clicking on the grade will allow you to view the quiz submission from the student. If a quiz requires manual grading, a URL will display in place of the grade.
  7. You can export the entire grade book in a CSV format.
  8. You can email the final grade notification to students that have completed the course. Once the email has been sent to a student, they are flagged and will not receive the email again should you send out the email notification again.

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