How to generate a PDF certificate of completion

To configure the certificate settings:

  1. Click on WP Courseware→Certificates
  2. Signature type
    • Text - This will print your signature in plain text
    • Image File - This allows you to upload a 340px x 80px signature image
  3. Show your logo - You can display your company logo on the certificate. If you chose to use an logo the size must be 320px x 240px
  4. Certificate background - WP Courseware comes with a default background image for the certificate, however you may chose to upload your own. The background image size must be 3508px x 2480px at 72 dpi to render correctly
  5. Certificate Encoding - You can adjust the codepage encoding to ensure that your certificate text renders

Here is a video tutorial on how to generate a PDF Certificate of completion.

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