How to generate a PDF certificate of completion

Each course has the option to provide a certificate upon course completion. The course must be fully completed which means that all quizzes (even non-blocking quizzes) need to be graded. The certificate will then be available for download when the final course unit is completed. The certificate can also be provided if the option is set on the course user progress shortcode. Certificates can also be made available to the administrator in the grade book, as well as the quiz details page for a student. Lastly, a URL can be emailed to the student by using the {CERTIFICATE_LINK} mail merge tag in the notifications.

To configure the certificate settings click on WP Courseware→Courses and select the course you'd like to configure.

  1. You can enable or disable the certificate.
  2. Signature type can be one of the following:
    • Text - This will print your signature in plain text
    • Image File - This allows you to upload a 340px x 80px signature image
  3. Show your logo - You can display your company logo on the certificate. If you chose to use an logo the size must be 320px x 240px
  4. Certificate background - WP Courseware comes with a default background image for the certificate, however you may chose to upload your own. The background image size must be 3508px x 2480px at 72 dpi to render correctly
  5. Be sure to Save Course to retain certificate settings

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