How to create a Fill in the Blank question

  1. Click on WP Courseware → Questions
  2. Click on the Select Question Type dropdown and select Fill in the Blank and click Add New
  3. Type in your question.
  4. Type in the answer to your question. The answer can have multiple possible answers. For a single answer you would simply enclose the answer in curly braces, for example: {blue}. If there are more than one potential answers, you will need place each individual answer in brackets [ ] and separate with commas. Be sure to surround the entire answer in curly braces. For example: {[blue],[red],[green]}. The answers are case sensitive, so be sure to include all possible answers. For example each of the following answers would be considered unique: {[blue],[BLUE],[Blue],[bLUe]}.
  5. Add an optional Question Image URL.
  6. Add an optional Hint, Explanation, and/or Question Tag.
  7. Once complete click Save Question.

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