Current changelog

UPDATED: March 30, 2021

= 4.8.1 =

* Fix: Fixed issue where dejavusans PDF font was missing.
* Tweak: Courses set to manual enrollment will not display enroll button on front end.
= 4.8.0 =
* New: Fully customizable certificates.
* New: All major elements are duplicatable (courses, modules, units, quizzes).
* New: Instructor feedback per question.
* New: Course expiration with option to reset students progress.
= 4.7.3 =
* Fix: Fixed issue where end users were unable to add quiz questions.
= 4.7.2 =
* Fix: Fixed issue where deleting a course or a module would leave units orphaned and unusable.
* Fix: Fixed issue where instructor would revert back when updating a course.
* Fix: Fixed 404 issue with order recieved page.
* Fix: Fixed issue where slashes were removed when adding or updating unit in the course builder.
* Fix: Fixed issue where quiz timer results were not displaying for non-blocking quiz.
* Update: Updated the Quiz Timer JavaScript library.
= 4.7.1 =
* Fix: Dashboard report widget was reporting incorrect total sales.
= 4.7.0 =
* New: Membership feature added to restrict access to WordPress pages and posts based on enrollment.
* Fix: Replace missing "No Courses" notice.
* Fix: Dashboard report widget was reporting incorrect sales and student enrollment.
= 4.6.13 =
* Fix: Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.5
= 4.6.12 =
* Fix: Stabilized Course Builder saving.
* Fix: PayPal receipts correctly showing paid tax.
= 4.6.11 =
* Fix: Disappearing prerequisites, bundles and instructors on Course Builder save.
= 4.6.10 =
* Fix: Remove erroneously saved backslashes from email messages.
= 4.6.9 =
* Fix: Newly added units were saving with default content.
* Fix: Unit administration was stripping iframe content.
= 4.6.8 =
* Fix: PayPal installment payments no longer display unapplied discounts.
* Fix: Improved handling of Stripe installment payments.
* Fix: Rare Javascript errors that prevented some screen interactions from completing.
* Tweak: Improved display of order and payment information.
* Tweak: Better handling of special characters in course content.
= 4.6.7 =
* Fix: Multiple add to cart buttons on the same page refreshed incorrectly.
* Fix: Course Unit drip date did not save correctly when adding a Unit in the course builder.
* Fix: Course Unit drip interval number saved to an incorrect format when added in the course builder.
* Fix: Quiz's with long titles would not save properly in the course builder.
* Fix: Course filters to change default values worked incorrectly.
* Fix: Stripe Api exception handling with latest Stripe SDK.
* Fix: Randomized quiz option failed to validate properly.
* Tweak: Updated the Stripe SDK to latest version.
* Tweak: Updated the TCPDF library to latest version.
* Tweak: PHP Minimum Requirement updated to be 5.6.0.
= 4.6.6 =
* Fix: Unit access issue with enrolled students.
= 4.6.5 =
* Fix: Gutenberg block course enrollment button ajax error.
* Fix: Stripe would process installment/subscription payment on incorrect webhook.
* Fix: Unit access was not allowed on an unassigned unit.
* Fix: Account password reset conflicts with WooCommerce.
* Fix: Styling issues in WordPress 5.3.
= 4.6.4 =
* New: Students have the ability to reset their own progress.
* New: Classroom students can now be sorted by progress.
* New: Student Account Courses settings section to quickly enable/disable course features.
* New: Multiple choice question can now be forced to display as checkboxes.
* Tweak: Updated Font Awesome library to version 5.11.2.
* Tweak: Instructors only see courses they have authored when editing a student profile.
* Fix: Fixed the certificate upload mechanism to avoid automatic resizing in WordPress 5.3.
* Fix: Quiz multiple choice question with more than 5 correct answers validated incorrectly.
* Fix: Course builder Unit description would not allow embeds.
* Fix: Password reset key would not be correct in certain instances.
* Fix: Exception class would throw fatal error on cart page.
= 4.6.3 =
* New: Stripe Payment Gateway SCA/3DS2 compliance.
* New: Added a `redirect` attribute to `[wpcourse_enroll]` shortcode to immediately redirect the enrolled user to the first available unit in course.
* Tweak: Move "Update Access" button to top next to "View Detailed Progress" button on the Student Details admin page.
* Fix: `WPCW_courses_getCourseList` included 'auto-drafts' in the result set.
* Fix: Email classroom students would only send to first 20 students.
* Fix: Email student action on detailed quiz / survey results would send to Admin not student.
* Fix: Classroom bulk action to remove student from course would remove the student from all enrolled courses.
* Fix: Bulk action would not redirect properly when no bulk action method matched.
* Fix: Conflict with Give plugin and TCPDF font path for certificate and pdf generation.
* Fix: DB Table names and global $wpcwdb references were incorrect when using switch_to_blog().
= 4.6.2 =
* New: Added a `hide_completed` attribute to the Course Progress shortcode. Credit [@jarekkacprzak](
* New: Ability to advance to next Unit automatically when `Marked as Complete` is clicked.
* Fix: Certificate background image does not display correctly a sub-directory install.
* Fix: Updated Emogrifier library to be compatible with PHP 7.3.2.
* Fix: Instructor role could not edit course categories and tags.
* Fix: Changed block editor post type support hook priority to be compatible with Visual Composer.
= 4.6.1 =
* Fix: Conflict with Divi builder on Unit single pages.
* Fix: Conflict with Accelerated Mobile Pages installation wizard.
* Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Account Pages.
* Fix: Conflict with other plugins that use Font Awesome 5.
* Fix: Relative path and url generation for quiz question images.
* Fix: Validation rule when saving course and general settings with multi-select.
= 4.6.0 =
* New: Courses can now be configured with bundles.
* New: Installments payment option for courses.
* New: New shortcode for creating a link to the next available unit in a course. Shortcode is [wpcourse_next_available_unit] and the attributes include "course" (required - course ID), "text" (optional - Anchor Text) and "class" (optional - CSS Class).
* New: Added  course description (course_desc) and pre-requisite (course_prerequisites) attributes to the [wpcourse_progress] shortcode so they will display respectively with in course progress shortcode output.
* New: Added course description and pre-requisite options to the course progress Gutenberg block.
* New: Email button added on the student quiz grading screen. Button opens email modal to email student directly while on page.
* New: Added the "Completed Unit" email for when student completes a unit. The email template is customizable and can be sent to the student as well as the admin/instructor.
* New: Added different CSS classes for the next and previous buttons on the course unit.
* New: Added filter to the quiz grade book page to easily filter for students that have a quiz the requires manual grading.
* New: Added new course progress bar widget.
* New: Added new course progress bar shortcode [wpcourse_progress_bar]. Attributes include "course" (required - course ID), "show_title" (optional - show course title), "show_desc" (optional - show course description).
* New: Added progress bar Gutenberg block. Course title and course description can be enabled/disabled.
* New: Unit drip schedule can be set directly from unit editor within the course builder on the unit editor modal.
* New: Unit teaser/preview. Now the unit can be set as a teaser or preview which will allow any visitor to your site to preview the unit with out being registered or logged in.
* New: Unit teaser/preview option added to the unit editor with in the course builder on the unit editor modal.
* New: Allow admins/instructors the ability to preview course units without being prohibited by a unit that has been configured with a drip schedule.
* New: Allow admins/instructors the ability to navigate through courses freely without being prohibited by a blocking quiz.
* Tweak: Updated the TCPDF library.
* Fix: Issue with WP Courseware Emails not using the correct Emogrifier class when WooCommerce is installed.
* Fix: Email modal on student profile page did not display a TinyMCE for the email content.
* Fix: Classroom and Student data tables now display the first and last name if exists and display name otherwise.
* Fix: Cancelled and Failed Order emails were failing to trigger at status change.
* Fix: Subscription suspended emails were failing to trigger at status change.
* Fix: PayPal PDT confirmation would incorrectly generate two New Order emails if url scheme was different than the host site.
= 4.5.2 =
* New: Interface for administrators to change course instructors.
* Tweak: Added 'course_author' attribute to the courses shortcode to display a list of courses by author.
* Dev: Added function 'wpcw_get_student_progress_next_course_unit' to allow developers to get next available unit.
* Fix: Quiz questions that are assigned to a quiz with a different author now display a notice that editing is disabled.
* Fix: Conflict with Memberium WordPress plugin.
* Fix: Enable Taxes checkbox did not display the tax percentage input when checked.
* Fix: Tax amount is now calculated after applied discounts.
* Fix: Tax amount is set to zero when an applied discount causes the subtotal to be zero.
* Fix: PayPal Gateway -- when the first/initial payment total is zero, a special trial is setup to allow a subscription to be processed.
* Fix: PayPal Gateway -- upon special trial setup, an initial payment order is setup to allow tracking of all payments and to allow completion of the initial order.
= 4.5.1 =
* New: WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg support for course, course progress, course list and enroll button short-codes.
* New: WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg support for course units.
* Fix: Under certain conditions unit ordering within the course builder would time out and not save.
* Fix: Saving a blank endpoint did not remove the endpoint from the student account navigation.
* Fix: Unassigned units displayed publicly under certain conditions.
* Fix: Various text domain strings were misspelled.
= 4.5.0 =
* New: Coupons.
* New: Full integration with S3 Media Maestro.
* New: Ability to reset entire classroom to a certain point on the course.
* New: Bulk de-enroll functionality on the classroom page.
* New: Option to enroll an entire classroom into another course.
* New: Added "order" and "orderby" parameters to the "wpcw_courses" shortcode.
* Fix: Enrollment shortcode did not display "you are already enrolled" when the shortcode was used by itself.
* New: Support for emoji characters in open ended quiz questions.
* New: Admins can now search for students by username, first name, and last name.
* Fix: Conflict with certain plugins that contain the select2 library.
* Fix: Add media button on the student email modal.
* Fix: Compatibility with updated MathJax and Latex plugins.
* Dev: Added filter "wpcw_checkout_disable_scripts" to completely disable the checkout scripts.
= 4.4.6 =
* Tweak: Courses, modules, units, and quizzes are now linked on the detailed student progress report.
* Fix: Course emails were not being sent as type html.
* Fix: Translation RTL compatibility for Next/Previous Unit buttons.
* Fix: Compatibility with S3 Media Maestro in the course builder modals.
* Fix: Ability to remove a Unit template after it's been set.
= 4.4.5 =
* Fix: Quiz notification icons did not display when manual grading was required.
* Fix: Course prerequisite was evaluated incorrectly.
* Fix: Course archive included extra "Enroll Now" text before the enroll button.
* Fix: Admin bar link to view courses now displays the correct label.
* Fix: Enroll/Payment buttons were not disabled when a membership integration was active.
* Fix: Errors in various course_unit post type queries.
= 4.4.4 =
* New: Frontend Unit label can now be changed to Lesson, Lecture, or a custom label.
* New: Compatability with DigiMember 3.0.
* Fix: Fixed various translation strings.
* Fix: License updating issue with Cloudflare.
* Fix: Multisite network admin error when WP Courseware is active.
* Fix: Course Builder - Unit description could not be deleted.
* Fix: Course preview would not produce the correct module and unit permalink.
= 4.4.3 =
* Fix: Issue where license key would not always save and activate on certain sites thus causing license activation issues.
* Fix: Course unit content would sometimes appear public depending on query.
* Fix: An international country that does not require a state would validate as if a state were required.
* Fix: The course enroll button would not appear when the course archive template used excerpts.
* Fix: Course quick edit did not correctly update the course title.
* Fix: Builder: Quiz title and description were not marked as required.
* Fix: Fatal error when editing with WP Bakery frontend visual builder.
* Tweak: Improved the data updater process.
= 4.4.2 =
* Fix: Course builder would not allow more than 20 units or 20 modules to be visible.
* Fix: The unit order was incorrect when inserting units in bulk with the unit modal.
* Tweak: Set a max height on the builder metabox to allow better visibility.
* Tweak: Created an "Add Unit" button at the bottom of the units list in the builder.
* Tweak: The add new student courses field is no longer required.
= 4.4.1 =
* Fix: In some cases roles and capabilities specific to WP Courseware were not applied properly upon upgrade.
* Fix: Upon existing course upgrade it would sometimes duplicate the last course in the list and assign the same ID.
= 4.4.0 =
* New: New Course Builder! You can now build and configure your courses on one single page.
* New: New Course confirguration side tab layout.
* New: New course single page that consists of a featured image, course title, course description, enrollment button and course outline.
* New: Courses have been converted to a custom post type to allow for more flexibility when creating your online course.
* New: New re-configured course admin index page to display settings overview, shortcode example, and publish date.
* New: New Course category and tag taxonomies have been added to further distinguish your courses.
* New: Courses frontend index page has been converted to display as an archive page for better theming and customization.
* New: Courses now have 3 different options for a customized permalink structure.
* New: Course Units now have 3 different options for a customized permalink structure.
* New: Course category and tag taxonomy permalink base can be customized.
* New: Course Units category and tag taxonomy permalink base can be customized.
* New: Added wysiwyg's to the Course message and email editors.
* New: Added additional filters to the students admin list table so that table columns can be added and customized.
* New: Added additional filters and hooks to further extend the drip feed functionality.
* New: Added new wpcw_is_student_enrolled() core function.
* New: Added Course and Module as separate columns on the Units admin index page.
* New: Added Course and Module filter dropdowns to the Units admin index page.
* Tweak: Disabled the "Orders" and "Subscriptions" tabs on the student account page when all payment gateway(s) are disabled.
* Tweak: Removed the account billing fields on the student account page when all payment gateway(s) are disabled.
* Tweak: Removed the billing fields on the admin user profile page when all payment gateway(s) are disabled.
* Fix: Messaging issue with non-blocking quizzes which contained manually graded questions.
* Fix: Issue where specific post type is requested upon search resulting in incorrect template.
= 4.3.5 =
* New: Additional filters to change the certificate certify, completed, instructor, and date text.
* Tweak: Button and message styling for course unit and quizzes.
* Fix: In some cases the order recieved page and order failed page would not be created upon activation.
* Fix: When account page is not set and enroll button is clicked it displays a 404.
* Fix: On a new install license would not activate properly.
= 4.3.4 =
* New: Added css class "wpcw-checkout-payment-button" to the checkout button.
* New: Added additional transients to the "clear transients" utility in Tools.
* Tweak: Changed the 'N/A' language for course progress page to '-'.
* Fix: Resolved a conflict with the TCPDF library when used in other plugins.
* Fix: Perform validation before the Stripe checkout form appears.
* Fix: Perform enrollment when adding an Order manually.
* Fix: Enqueue frontend scripts in footer for better performance.
* Fix: Classroom search now redirects correctly when a search is performed.
* Fix: Quiz results / answers would not display on quiz completion in some cases.
* Fix: When the account page was set to home page the account endpoints would 404.
* Fix: User registration form does not set the username and password correctly.
* Fix: Lost password email did not contain correct information to reset password.
* Fix: An implemented filter on 'the_content' returned blank if outside the main query.
= 4.3.3 =
* New: Added GDPR features that are compatible with the upcoming WordPress 4.9.6 release.
* New: Added option to display a privacy checkbox on the checkout page.
* New: Added option to create a privacy page that is linked with the privacy checkbox.
* New: Added filters to change fonts on certificates.
* Fix: Enrollment button shortcode would not display the purchase button for a paid course.
* Fix: Remote images could not be used on a certificate.
* Fix: Upload image button for certificates on course edit page was not working.
* Fix: Course unit post type was set to be hierarchical and it should not be hierarchical.
* Fix: Stripe statement descriptor was passed as blank thus causing a Stripe error.
* Fix: Stripe checkout would display an error popup if an logo image was not set.
= 4.3.2 =
* Tweak: Tweaked billing fields on student profile page to not display if a payment gateway is enabled.
* Fix: Added backwards compatibility fix to the 'UserProgress' class that would cause fatal error if called from an external script, which also prevented upgrading to current version.
* Fix: Fixed issue where 'course_author' column was not created if upgrading from older version of WP Courseware.
= 4.3.1 =
* Tweak: Mark as completed button CSS was adjusted to compensate for a full width page.
* Fix: Fixed issue where page builders were attempting to render a shortcode on the admin side and triggered a fatal error.
* Fix: Fixed issue where enroll shortcode wasn't redirected to the WordPress registration form if the "Account" page wasn't created and set.
* Fix: Fixed issue where upgrading from a pre 4.0 version caused a database issue.
= 4.3.0 =
* New: New shopping cart, course listing and student account pages. Pages are setup automatcially upon activation!
* New: Courses can now be configured and offered for free, one time payment, or as subcriptions.
* New: Native PayPal Standard payment gateway integration complete with sandbox.
* New: Native Stripe & Stipe Checkout payment gateway integration complete with sandbox.
* New: Ability to issue refunds via API for both PayPal Standard & Stripe.
* New: Currency customization for payment gateways.
* New: Option to configure a flat tax rate.
* New: New customizable email notifications complete with merge tags for students related to new accounts, orders and subscriptions.
* New: New customizable email notifications complete with merge tags for administrators related to orders and subscriptions.
* New: Ability to customize email templates for new accounts, orders and subscriptions.
* New: Student account page displays courses, orders, subscriptions and profile information.
* New: New orders index page.
* New: New subscriptions index page.
* New: Ability to add multiple administrators to course email notificaitons.
* New: Added a utility that deletes orphaned tags that are at a "0" count.
* New: Added category and tag taxonomies to course units.
* New: Added two WordPress filter hooks to the enrollment shortcode in order to adjust language upon AJAX return.
* New: Added 6 new WordPress action hooks surrounding the next and previous buttons.
* New: Orders table added to the student profile admin page.
* New: Login form for student account page.
* Tweak: Namespaced the countdown timer script to avoid conflicts with other plugins and themes.
* Fix: Fixed issue where drip email notification was URL encoding the ampersand symbol in the subject and in the content.
* Fix: Fixed issue where images on quiz questions would not render on the quiz results PDF.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the ajax loader GIF wasn't working on the enrollment shortcode.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the filter by tag dropdown on the question pool lightbox wasn't filtering.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the [wpcourse_progress] shortcode wasn't displaying correctly on archive pages.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the course outline table appeared broken for users that were not logged in.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the student name would not appear correctly on the student index page if a user's display name was not set.
* Fix: Fixed issue where a question of type "random" was being displayed on the question pool table.
* Fix: Fixed bug where tag count was not updated if a tag was removed while adding a question.
* Fix: Fixed issue where the "add quiz" button on the module editor admin page didn't work.
* Fix: In some cases jQuery would be undefined on certain WP Courseware admin pages.
= 4.2.0 =
* New: Theme Customizer & Admin interface for customization of frontend ui colors.
* New: Student profile page.
* New: Newly designed add new/existing student page.
* New: Visual editor available for email messages.
* New: Bulk deletion menu for questions.
* New: Bulk enroll students form added to students page.
* New: Bulk enroll students form added to courses page.
* Tweak: Quizzes list table re-tooled to use wp list table.
* Tweak: Questions list table re-tooled to use wp list table.
* Tweak: Quick action navigation buttons for quizzes index and quiz edit page.
* Tweak: Quick action navigation buttons for quesitons index and quesiton edit page.
* Tweak: Unit list on module edit page are now links.
* Tweak: Image icons have been replaced with font icons.
* Fix: Permalink Notice when dismissed did not stay dismissed.
* Fix: Search issue on students page when name contained an apostrophe.
* Fix: Issue with certificate image urls resolving correctly on IIS servers.
* Fix: Plugin Admin Menu Editor compatibility.
= 4.1.3 =
* Fix: Plugin update process would fail in various cases.
* Fix: Affiliate url setting doesn't display the correct url.
* Fix: Sort by name on the students and classroom page sorted by ID instead of name.
* Tweak: Restored reset progress drop down on students index page.
* Tweak: Restored green student progress bars on students index page.
* Tweak: Reduced the size of the progress bars in the admin to be more compact.
* Tweak: Moved "View Detailed Progress" button to a link in the action menu displayed on hover under the students name.
= 4.1.2 =
* New: Unit drip schedule included in Course import/export.
* Fix: Instructor role capabilities on the course, course classroom, module, unit, and student pages.
* Fix: Translation file was being loaded from the wrong location.
* Fix: Conflict with S3 Media Maestro 3.0.5 and below.
* Fix: Quiz submission over forced SSL was not submitting.
* Fix: Classroom student search was redirecting to students page upon submission.
* Fix: Frontend enrollment success message displayed the course name incorrectly.
* Fix: Unit discussion metabox was not displaying even though comments were enabled on units.
* Fix: Individual student name was not being loaded in email modal when student email address was clicked.
* Fix: Compatability with Admin Menu Editor Pro.
= 4.1.1 =
* Fix: Plugin setup would cause a fatal error if plugin version is before 4.0.
* Fix: Minimum PHP version requirement changed from php 5.5.0 to php 5.4.0.
= 4.1.0 =
* New: Classroom page that displays students enrolled in a paticular class and allows you to manage them.
* New: Students index page that gives a birds eye view of all students enrolled into at least one course.
* New: Modules index page to manage modules.
* New: Restructured list tables for courses, course modules and course units.
* New: Restructured and condensed the main WP Courseware admin menu.
* New: New settings page that provides better functionality when configuring global settings and finding documentation.
* New: Enroll students directly from the classroom page.
* New: Enroll students directly from the "Add New User" screen.
* New: Email all students directly from the classroom page.
* New: Email individual students directly from the classroom & students page.
* New: Dropdown on classroom page to quickly swith to another classroom of another course.
* New: Ability to filter students by course on the students index page.
* New: Added navigation buttons to the top of each WP Courseware admin page to navigate more easily.
* New: RTL support for download quiz results PDF.
* Fix: Automatic enrollment to courses was being ignored when a user enrolled via shortcode.
* Fix: Fixed display issue with tags in the question pool and on a single question screen in WordPress 4.9.
* Fix: When a unit is duplicated the drip metabox settings were not configured properly.
* Fix: The enrollment shortcode was displaying an undefined variable when a user is logged in.
* Fix: The course units screen "filter by course" dropdown was displaying 'wp-courseware' for each list item.
* Fix: "Not Logged In" course access message was not displayed correctly on course progress page.
* Fix: Fixed php warning notice with enrollment shortcode.
* Tweak: Moved all student data from the users page to the new Students index page.
= =
* Fix: Fixed a bug with email template tag that displays the site URL.
* Fix: Fixed a bug with the license renewal admin message.
* Fix: Fixed a bugs where quiz grade was rounding up causing a false positive on various admin screens.
* Fix: After submitting quiz and continuing to next unit, upon clicking back, the quiz is reset.
* Fix: TCPDF Error: can't get the size of the image.
* Fix: Remove content leak caused by a filter applied in the wrong place.
* Fix: MathJax was not loading correctly on page load.
* Fix: [wpcourse_progress] html table column alignment issue.
* Fix: Undefined php $status vaiable in activation process.
* Fix: Radio and Checkbox css alignment on quiz forms.
* Tweak: Added argument numbering to the message that shows the number of correct answers the user must get in order to pass in the admin screen for quizzes.
* Tweak: Additional fixes towards full compatability with WPML.
* New: Add function 'WPCW_getCourses' to allow users to get courses.
* New: Added a filter to the email merge tags so that custom merge tags can be added
= =
* Fix: Fixed a bug with an admin message that was causing a PHP NOTICE
= =
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the import function was not correctly importing the course unit author
* Fix: Fixed a few CSS issues when RTL languages are in use
* Tweak: Modified the enrollment shortcode function to have better messaging
* Tweak: Changed the_content filter to a priority of 20
= =
* Fix: Fixed several PHP 7.1.x compatibility issues throughout the plugin
* Fix: Fixed an issue on the course progress page where the cumulative grade was using incomplete quizzes in the calculation
* Fix: Fixed an issue where possible answers were displaying the IDs of the answers rather than the answer text
* Fix: Fixed an issue where displaying possible answers was causing a PHP warning due to an illegal offset
* Tweak: Modified quiz grade to round up to the nearest whole number consistently throughout the admin and frontend
= 4.0.9 =
* Fix: Fixed bug where black line was appearing on the bottom of certificate
* Fix: Fixed issue with PHP compatibility 7.1
* Fix: Fixed issue where configuring comments with pagination would cause a 404 on course units (must re-save permalink structure)
* Fix: Fixed issue on quizzes with paging questions where clicking previous question wouldn't store the set of answers when using random answers
= 4.0.8 =
* Fix: Bug when using random answers on a quiz with paging in which the answer later button would not store "potential answers", allowing the user to click back and forth to a question determining the correct answer by process of elimination
* Fix: Fixed issue in localization template file where the keyword list was missing plural text strings
* Tweak: Updated the EDD Software Licensing Plugin Updater Class
= 4.0.7 =
* Fix: Bug where previous button would appear on question #1 of a retake causing further issues.
* Fix: Bug where certificate didn't work properly if WordPress was installed in a sub-folder.
* Fix: Bug where questions on paging quiz would skip if on PHP 5.x.
= 4.0.6 =
* Fix: Bug where text domain was missing and adjusted several text strings
* Fix: Bug where the option to display "all possible answers" was not including the "correct answer" in the list when listing them on the quiz results page
* Fix: Bug where time difference was not displaying properly on the user's quiz details page
* Fix: Bug where the answer later button wouldn't display on the first quetion of a quiz retake
* Fix: Bug where the answer later button was not redirecting to the correct question
* Fix: Bug where a missing parameter in function call was causing notices to display in error log
* Fix: Bug where the random answers function was not functioning properly when using a random question selection
* Tweak: Updated the EDD Software Licensing Plugin Updater Class
= 4.0.5 =
* Fix: Bug where adding a new answer would not save correctly
* Fix: Bug where randomized answers on multiple choice questions didn't render consistently when using a paging quiz
* Fix: Bug when adding an individual to question pool was not error checking correctly
* Fix: Bug where the open ended survey question didn't have option for text box size
* Fix: Fixed a few text domain strings that didn't get changed with version 4.0.3
* Fix: Fixed issue where units and quiz data was not updated correctly when a module was reassigned to another courses
* Tweak: Course unit templates are included in export/import
= 4.0.4 =
* New: Support added for WP Courseware Note addon plugin by WisdmLabs
* Fix: Fixed bug when adding an answer to a multiple choice question would automatically select it as the correct answer
* Tweak: Added checking for duplicate answers in multiple choice questions
= 4.0.3 =
* New: Built in MathJax support for quiz questions
* New: Shortcodes are now supported in quiz questions, however, shortcodes must NOT be loaded via JavaScript
* Fix: Bug where unassigned unit was showing an error on the front end due to not being assigned
* Fix: If using a non-blocking quiz, the grade was not displaying correct data on the "Detailed User Quiz/Survey Results" page
* Fix: Fixed bug that prevented email templates from being localized
* Tweak: Changed text domain from wp_courseware to wp-courseware. There is backward compatibility for the legacy wp_courseware text domain. Language files can be kept in "wp-content/languages/wp_courseware/" or "wp-content/languages/plugins/wp-courseware/"
= 4.0.2 =
* Fix: Fixed issue where the option for quiz attempts would not show up when configuring a blocking quiz
* Fix: Fixed a minor issue with enrollment that would trigger database errors if no course data was passed into the query
= 4.0.1 =
* Fix: Fixed bug where grade book CSV was not downloadable
* Fix: Fixed bug where some quiz questions couldn't be deleted out of a quiz
* Fix: Fixed bug where plugin was not communicating with our license server and displaying an "Exceeded license limit" error
= 4.0 =
* New: Added instructor role
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete course capability
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete module capability
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete unit capability
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete quiz/survey capability
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete quiz questions capability
* New: Instructor role create/edit/delete quiz question tags capability
* New: Instructor role create new user
* New: Instructor role can enroll/de-enroll user from course and update course progress
* New: Certificates can now be configured per course
* Tweak: Units support post password protected content
* Tweak: Updated the data_quiz column in the wpcw_user_progress_quizzes table to use LONGTEXT
* Tweak: Restructured certificates to be executed by function opposed to called directly by file
* Fix: Fixed issue when deleting modules containing units/quizzes would place units in an unassigned state with the quiz still attached
* Fix: Download Certificate button opens certificate in new window
* Fix: Fixed issue where download results setting was not working correctly
* Fix: File upload question type does not require a lower case file extension
* Fix: Fixed issue where not all user messages were being exported correctly
= 3.9.0 =
* New: Course prerequisites
* New: Bulk question import
* New: Single question input option directly to question pool
* New: Added filter to course units screen to filter by course
* Tweak: Download Results PDF in new tab
* Fix: Fixed a bug where unit would get marked as completed unexpectedly
* Fix: Updated a call to construct that was causing an error on admin screens that contained tables
= 3.8.5 =
* New: Multiple choice question now has multiple answer option
* New: Added CSS ’active’ element status to course progress widget for better styling ability
* Fix: Fixed a bug where quiz question answers were not randomizing correcly
* Tweak: Added function that will check for a completed quiz sitting on top of an uncompleted unit
* Tweak: Updated constructors to be compliant with PHP7
* Tweak: Added screen options to Course Dashboard Page
= 3.8.4 =
* New: Added two new email template tags for {FIRST_NAME} and {LAST_NAME}
* New: Added new filter wpcw_front_completion_box to filter content between the course unit loop content and the navigation buttons
* New: Added an option to hide the Download Results button
* New: Added an option to enable/disable the ability to turn on comments for course units
* New: Added a new shortcode for course enrollment buttons
* New: Added a search and paging function to the course dashboard
* Tweak: Changed certificate button to open certificate in new window
* Fix: Fixed minor bug with question tag maintenance routine
* Fix: Fixed a minor bug with AJAX call over HTTPS that would not allow course units to be completed
* Fix: Fixed minor issue where certain text strings with a particular keyword were not being included into the language file
= 3.8.3 =
* New: Added shortcode parameter "user_quiz_grade" to the [wpcourse_progress] and [wpcourse] shortcodes to display quiz grades
* New: Added shortcode parameter "certificate" to the [wpcourse_progress] to display certificate
* New: Made certificate button available on the user progress page
* New: Added course completion date column to the grade book
* New: Added course completion date to the grade book export CSV
* Fix: Issue where duplicate notifications were sent out upon course completion when the last unit contained a quiz that required manual grading
* Fix: Bulk user progress reset was not working
* Tweak: Changed the priority output of the column/row elements displaying on the users page
* Tweak: Changed the color of the "Delete Course" and "Delete Module" buttons
= 3.8.2 =
* Fix: Fixed issue where progress percentage was being completely reset upon resetting students progress to an earlier module/unit
= 3.8.1 =
* Fix: Fixed issue with "All units visible" not displaying the "next button" on course units
* Fix: Fixed issue with non-blocking quizzes in which the quiz results message and custom feedback messages would remain persistent upon retaking a quiz
* Fix: Fixed issue with blocking quiz custom feedback messages in which "failed" messages would not to appear
= 3.8.0 =
* New: Drip feed functionality. Drip feed based on interval from course enrollment date or drip feed based on calendar date
* New: Customizable drip feed email notification
* New: Custom enrollment date configuration option
* New: Tag query has been improved to be much more efficient. Thanks to Andy Adams @andyonsoftware
* Tweak: Next/Previous button code improved to be more efficient
* Tweak: When sending a unit in to the trash, the quiz will disassociate frmo the unit
* Fix: When a unit is sent to trash, the course order will be saved at that point to prevent a 404 from occurring in the course
* Fix: Adjusted widget code to be compliant with WordPress 4.3
* Fix: When a users progress is reset, the certificate is removed and the final grade notification sent flag is removed
* Fix: Module Number email tag is now working on respective email notifications
= 3.7.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bug where quiz timer wouldn't start if max attempts were reached for quiz and an additional retake was allowed
= 3.6.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bug where deleting question from pool would not delete associated tag
* New: Added function to clean up orphaned tags upon plugin activation
= 3.5.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bug with user email notification posting incorrect grade after quiz was manually graded
* Fix: Fixed bug where duplicate email notifications were sent out if a manually graded quiz was placed on the last unit of the course
= 3.4.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bug with quiz messaging
* Fix: Fixed bug where the unit of non blocking quiz was not being being flagged as completed upon submitting quiz causing course not to complete
* Fix: Fixed issue where student’s answers for open ended quiz questions were not showing line breaks (carriage returns) on post
= 3.3.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bug with filter when adding a quiz questions from pool into quiz
* Fix: Fixed bug where a quiz could be dragged/dropped onto an unassigned unit
* Tweak: Certificate to be UTF-8 removing the options for specific encoding
* New: Added 2 more fonts for certificates and quiz results and removed Helvetica which didn’t work well with other languages
* New: Added support for line breaks (by using carriage return) with in quiz questions while leaving ability to have html tags as part of a question
= 3.2.0 =
* Fix: Fixed issue where clicking "mark as completed" was displaying even if unit was complete
* Fix: Fixed issue with multiple choice question answer randomization
* Fix: Fixed issue with adding an image to a quiz question answer while working directly in the question pool
* Fix: Fixed issue with adding/removing answer from a multiple-choice question while working directly in the question pool
= 3.1.0 =
* New: Added option to provide a recommended guideline score for non-blocking quizzes
* New: Added support for timed quizzes when in non-blocking quiz mode
* New: Added support for setting a retake limit for non-blocking quiz mode
* New: Added a new option in the quiz results settings which allows for the display of all possible answers in addition to the user's answer and the correct answer
* Tweak: Added email address support for new TLDs
* Fix: Database issue with adding quiz questions
* Fix: Issue with handling user course deletion
= 3.0.0 =
* New: Quiz question pool to allow for recycling of questions in multiple quizzes
* New: Support for randomizing quiz questions or manually adding specific questions from question pool
* New: Support for randomized answers within multiple choice questions
* New: Option for timed quizzes
* New: Support for quiz attempt limits with manual override capabilities for instructors
* New: Custom feedback messages which provide feedback by quiz topical sections
* New: Option to tag quiz questions for use in randomizing questions by topical section and providing automated feedback messages
* New: Option for students to download quiz results as a PDF
* New: Multiple options for paginating quiz questions
* New: Redesigned and enhanced quiz/survey creation UI
* New: Improved question addition UI for quizzes
* New: Several new email template tags for sending quiz result details to students
= 2.9.0 =
* New: Leave survey responses available for later
* New: Delete the entire course and its contents or retain units and quizzes
* Tweak: Support for quizzes when exporting and importing courses
= 2.8.0 =
* New: Encoding support for the certificate
* New: Export survey results
* New: Added new hooks/filters
* Fix: Addressed various strings that were missing a text domain
* Fix: Several bugs in relation to the database
= 2.7.0 =
* New: Custom templates capability
* New: Sort courses by ID
* New: Sort courses title
* New: Sort quizzes by ID
* New: Sort quizzes by title
* New: Duplicate course units
* Tweak: No Answers" quiz option to not indicate which answers were correct/incorrect
= 2.6.2 =
* Fix: Quiz calculation bug
= 2.6.1 =
* Fix: Quiz database bug error
= 2.6.0 =
* New: Ability to show correct answer in quiz
* New: Ability to show users answer in quiz
* New: Show explanation in quiz
* New: Mark answers correct/incorrect in quiz
* New: Leave quiz results available for later viewing
* Fix: Quotes in quiz question issue
* Fix: True false question with regard to accessibility in clicking the label to select an answer
* Fix: Grade book export file name to a more appropriate name
* Fix: Shortcode for the progress ID greater than "9"
* Fix: Ability to expand/contract all modules when adding a WPCW Course Progress widget with a specific class to any page or post
= 2.5.1 =
* New: Modified video documentation
= 2.5.0 =
* New: Global and individual student course reset functions
* New: Global enrollment button for new courses (including admins)
* New: Ability to add images to all quiz questions and answers
* New: Shortcode function for dynamic course outline complete with user progress bar and cumulative grade
= 2.4.0 =
* New: Grade book function
* New: Open ended question (with short, medium and large boxes for answers and hints)
* New: Upload question (with file filters)
* New: New email notifications for grade book
* New: Organized course settings page
* New: Various notifications for instructor to input manual grades for open ended questions and upload submission
* New: Exportable grade book
* Fix: Dynamic sidebar widget issue that would cause the sidebars in the WordPress admin panel to disappear
= 2.3.2 =
* New: Dynamic sidebar widget
* Fix: Allow an imported course to be registered by an enrolled user
* Fix: Delete a multiple choice quiz question if the answer was set to "0"
= 2.3.1 =
* New: Additional localization areas
* Fix: "Force Table Upgrade" bug that didn't properly update all tables
* Fix: Certificate availability if last unit contained quiz or survey
* Fix: Module list bug on the student progress page to list correct module number
* Fix: Import users bug which added additional mime types for Microsoft Office(TM) users
= 2.3.0 =
* New: Bulk user import function with template (CSV) file included
* New: Certificate feature allowing a user to download a custom certificate upon course completion
* New: Localization enhancements with default template (POT) file included
* New: Functions added to support add-on integration with multiple membership plugins
* Fix: Apostrophe bug that created backslashes in a quiz questions
* Fix: FireFox bug that didn't allow you to add questions in a quiz
* Fix: Unassigned units and unassigned quizzes overflow
* Fix: Search for plugin bug showing empty details area in lightbox
* Fix: MySQL strict mode bug that would cause MySQL errors if MySQL was run in strict mode
= 2.2.0 =
* Fix: Bug that prevented WP Courseware from receiving future updates
= 2.1.0 =
* Fix: Bug that stopped you being able to add a question if your WordPress database table prefix was something other than wp_
= 2.0.0 =
* New: Quiz/Survey functionality
* New: "Powered by WP Courseware" link which utilizes ClickBank for affiliate type commissions
* Fix: 404 error bug  Added Next/Previous navigational buttons to course units
= 1.1.0 =
* New: additional documentation
= 1.0.0 =
* Base Plugin Release

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