Create account page

The account page is basically a dashboard for your students. This page would be required if you chose to use the WP Courseware shopping cart and checkout functionality. The account page consists of several tabs that include the following:

  • Courses - This endpoint will display the equivalent of the course progress shortcode
  • Orders - This will display a list of orders that have been completed by the student. Each order 
  • Subscriptons
  • Account

Also, the login, register and lost password pages are all endpoints part of the account page. If the student is not logged in and navigates to the account page, a login form will be displayed. Upon logging in, they will be re-directed to the account page. If a student purchases a course, after making the payment, they will be redirected to the Order Received page which has a link to the account page.

You can manually create the account page and modify the slugs for the various endpoints by clicking on WP Courseware→Settings and then click on the Student tab.

If the account page wasn't generated automatically, you can create it by simply clicking the Create button. If the page was already created, simply click the drop down menu to set the correct page. Keep in mind if the page was created manually, it will require the [wpcw_account] shortcode.

To change the slug for the endpoints, simply replace the default slug and click Save Settings. [NOTE] - The slug must not contain spaces.

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