Classroom page overview

In WP Courseware version 4.1.0, the classroom page was introduced. In part, this replaced the information that was found on the users screen.

To access the classroom page, simply click on WP CoursewareCourses, then hover over a course, and click Classroom.

The classroom page inherited some of the functionality that used to be found on the users page with in the WordPress admin panel. Here is a break down of what you'll find in the classroom page:

  1. The course switcher allows you to change classrooms on the fly. This only appears if you have multiple courses.
  2. The enroll users button allows you to enroll registered WordPress users into the course. They will be enrolled into the course in the context of the classroom you are viewing.
  3. The grade book can now be accessed directly from the classroom page.
  4. The email classroom button will open up a lightbox and allow you to send an email message to the entire classroom.
  5. The reset users functionality can be used on an individual student or on multiple selections.
  6. The students email address is a hyperlink that will activate an email lightbox so that you can email the individual student.
  7. The user progress bar displays the student's progress with in the course.
  8. The detailed progress button will display details for every course the student is enrolled into.

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