How to use the enrollment button shortcode

The [wpcourse_enroll] shortcode will allow you to create a course enrollment button for your courses.The shortcode will work for both users who are logged and users who are registering. 
If a user is logged in and clicks the button they will automatically be enrolled into the specified course(s) and a message notification will appear upon successful enrollment. 
If a user is not logged in and clicks the button they will be immediately taken to the registration page, and upon registration they will be enrolled into the specified course(s).
Here's a summary of the shortcode parameters for [wpcourse_enroll]:
Shortcode Parameters:
courses - (Required) A comma-separated list of course IDs that the user will be enrolled into. If this is not specified, then the button will not appear.
enroll_text - (Optional) This is simply the text that will appear on the button. If the parameter is not specified, "Enroll Now" will be displayed as default.
Here is an example of how [wpcourse_progress] shortcode works:
Example 1: [wpcourse_enroll courses="1,2,5,10" enroll_text="Enroll Today!" /]<br>

The shortcode will show a button that will allow a user to enroll into the specified courses. If a logged on user is already enrolled into a course that was specified, they will only be enrolled into the courses that apply. If the user is enrolled into all the courses a message will display that reads "You have already been enrolled!".

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