Can I translate WP Courseware into another language?

Yes. The translation template file (default.pot) is located in the wp-courseware/languages directory. Simply create a copy of this file and rename it using the following method.

The first part of the file name must be wp-courseware. Next you'll need to determine your locale code for localization and append the code to the last part of the file name. For example a translation file for Spain would look like this: wp-courseware-es_ES.po.

Next you will need to create the translation using a translation editing tool such as POedit.

Lastly, you can store your language files (both the PO and MO file) in the /wp-content/languages/plugins/wp-courseware/ folder. If that folder path doesn't exist, you'll need to create it. Placing the localization files here will prevent your language file from being overwritten when you update the plugin.

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