How can I drip feed course units?

WP Courseware includes drip feed functionality so you have total control of the release of your course content. 

You can release course content after a student’s enrollment date at a specific interval. For example, you can release a course unit any number of hours, days, months, or even years after a student has enrolled into a course. You can also release course content on specific calendar dates. 

When editing a course unit, there will be a metabox on the lower left hand side that will allow you to configure the drip schedule for the unit.

The Content drip option also exists in the unit editor modal within the course builder.

Your students will even receive automated emails to remind them when the next course unit is available.

Please note that the email reminders are queued up when a student attempts to access a unit that is not yet available. If the student doesn't attempt to access the unavailable unit, then the reminder email will not get queued up into the database.

The email queue is triggered by WP Cron. WP Cron requires activity on the site for it to actually run the scheduled tasks. The default schedule is twice per day, however you can change it to once per day, hourly or turn it off completely. To change the schedule simply click on WP CoursewareSettings and click on the Units tab.

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