What is the upgrade and support policy?

Currently, each WP Courseware license includes one (1) year of upgrades and support.

You can upgrade your license from a 2 site license to a 10 site or 25 site license. You can also upgrade your 10 site license to a 25 site license. To do so, you'd simply need to login to the member portal and click on the Licenses menu item, find your license, and click View Upgrades. You'd simply pay the price difference from your current license.

NOTE - If you decide to cancel your subscription, we can't re-enable the subscription. If you cancel your subscription and then want to renew your subscription, you will simply have to re-purchase the plugin. If you cancel and a price increase occurs, then the subscription renewal fee will increase as well. If your subscription is active, the renewal fee will never increase which means you are locked in to that yearly price.

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