What types of quiz features does WP Courseware offer?

WP Courseware features a very robust quiz platform. 

Quiz types include:

  • Blocking Quiz - this quiz type requires students to achieve a specified grade percentage in order to continue progress with in the course.
  • Non-Blocking Quiz - this quiz type doesn't require a specific score to be achieved, hence students can continue progressing through the course. You can, however set a "recommended score", but it's not required for passing.
  • Survey - this is not a quiz hence questions are not graded, however data can be aggregated into a downloadable CSV file.

Questions types include:

  • True or false - this question type will be automatically graded.
  • Multiple choice - this question type will be automatically graded.
  • Text entry (open ended) - this question type will require manual grading.
  • Assignment upload for specified file types  - this question type will require manual grading.
  • Question Pool - You can add questions directly from the question pool into the quiz.
  • Random Question - A specified set of random questions can be added to the quiz from the entire question pool or based on a tag. [NOTE] - These questions are randomly selected and inserted on the fly when the quiz screen loads up for the student.

Quiz settings:

  • Pass mark - This is the minimum grade percentage the student must reach in order to pass the quiz. This option only applicable to blocking quizzes.
  • Recommended score - This is simply to encourage students to attain a certain grade but isn't required to pass. This option is only applicable to non-blocking quizzes.
  • Attempts - You can allow  a specific amount of attempts for students to pass blocking quizzes. If the student exhausts all the attempts the administrator is notified and can allow one more attempt or allow the student to pass the quiz to continue on. For non-blocking quizzes, this simply allows the student to retake the quiz in attempt to reach the recommended score for a non-blocking quiz.
  • Paging - You can set the quiz to page each question. When using paging, you can allow the student to review the quiz entirely before submitting. You can allow students to skip questions also also enable/disable the previous question button. 
  • Quiz timer - You can add a quiz timer to any course. The quiz timer does count down and will force the quiz to submit once time has expired.

Quiz behavior settings:

  • Show Answers - This allows you to specify what you want students to see on the quiz results page after a quiz has been submitted. You can show or hide things like correct answer, student's answer, explanation, all possible answers, marked answers, and the quiz results box.
  • Downloadable quiz results - This option allows students to download the quiz with in a PDF format. 
  • Show results by tag - This option will show a breakdown of the results for each question tag
  • Display completion time for timed quiz - This option simply shows the time taken to complete the quiz.

You can also create custom feedback messages that display on the quiz results page that target questions with particular tags and will display the message when a student achieves above or below a specified grade percentage.

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