Why can't I activate my license key?

We have found that security and maintenance mode plugins such as iThemes Security, WordFence, WP Spamshield, or WP Maintenance Mode have security features that interfere with license key API requests, hence you aren't able to activate your license.

There are a couple of options.

  1. Temporarily disable the security plugin
  2. Attempt to activate plugin
  3. If the plugin still won't activate, then register the domain by logging into the member portal at http://flyplugins.com/member-portal
  4. Next click on the Purchases tab
  5. Click on view licenses for the product you'd like to register
  6. Then click manage sites
  7. Add your domain to the text box and click Add URL

There are some options with in security plugins that you can disable that may help avoid blocking the API request (See article below). With maintenance mode plugins, the best solution is to temporarily disabling in order to activate WP Courseware.

Here is some additional information on license key activation issues with security and maintenance mode plugins. 


Lastly, there could be a plugin that is hindering WP Courseware from sending and or receiving data from the license server. To determine if this is the issue, refer to this article and follow the steps for troubleshooting a theme or plugin conflict.

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