What's the difference between automatic enrollment and manual enrollment?

After you create a course, you can configure your course for automatic enrollment or manual enrollment depending on how you want enrollment to work for your particular course.

  • Automatic Enrollment - When you select automatic enrollment, it basically means that any student who registers on your WordPress site will gain access to ANY course configured as Automatic. The automatic enrollment function hooks into the user_register WordPress action hook which fires off when someone registers. For example if you had 3 courses ( A, B, & C) and courses A & C were configured as Automatic, and a student registered on your WordPress site, the student would automatically be enrolled into courses A & C.
  • Manual Enrollment - This simply gives the site administrator the option of enrolling students manually. A student must be registered on the WordPress site as a subscriber to be eligible for manual enrollment.
  • Closed - The option simply means that enrollment is disabled. If this is a premium course, then sales are disallowed.

Important Notes

  • Admin Enrollment - Administrators are automatically enrolled when they create or edit a course regardless of enrollment settings.
  • Instructor Enrollment - An instructor is automatically enrolled when they create a course.
  • Integrated Enrollment - We have created several integrations with several membership and ecommerce plugins. This means that you can setup courses to be linked up with a membership level or product so when the membership level or product is purchased, the student is automatically enrolled into the course associated with the membership level or product. When an integration plugin is installed, automatic enrollment is disabled. Also when an integration plugin is installed, there will be an additional option under the WP Courseware admin menu. All of our integrations are free and can be found here

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